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Artist: Kelly Robinson

Tl'uk is edition #5 in a limited edition run of 12 bronze masks, each representing one of the moons of the Nuxalk calendar.  This mask is Siq’almtak - Time for the Sockeye Salmon to Ascend the River (Month of July) 

Imagery: Moon

Material: Bronze

Dimensions: 27.5" round x 8.5" deep

Price: $12,500 CDN

About the Artist

Robinson's roots and family origin are in Bella Coola, British Columbia with descendants from both the Nuxalk and Nuu-chah-nulth Nations. He has apprenticed with artists Jim McGuire and Gordon Dick. Robinson has also mentored under noted artists Tim Paul, Rob Hamilton, Dempsey Bob, Alvin Mack, Stan Bevan and Ken McNeil. Kelly uses his art to tell stories of the Nuxalk and Nuu-chah-nulth people, land and culture. He examines stories of the supernatural, potlatch societies, as well as the land and the sea in his art work. His work is represented in private, corporate and public collections in Canada.

Nuxalk Lunar Calendar

The Nuxalk Lunar Calendar is matched with Months and is divided into two parts, the harvesting moons and the ceremonial moons.


 The Working/Harvesting Moons

The following Moons are associated with the supernatural canoe Kunkunalhpstus “what brings our food”.

Sxulmcnm / January 
“What sweeps away food”, the ending of the Kusyut dances.

Alhu7nstimut / February 
“Facing in both directions”
Lhlmulhis ti Nusaaxqamc (Ceremonial name of February)
“Potlatch of the bed-wetter”. the children’s potlatch.

Si7aqw’m / March
“When herring spawn”

 Siqyulc / April
“Time for making salmon weirs”

 Sinumawak / May
“Time for making hand-nets for eulachon”

 Si7is7amlhh / June
“Time for eating spring salmon”
Si7mt (summer solstices June 21st)

 Siq’almtak / July 
“Time for the sockeye salmon to ascend the river”

 Si7ist’lilhh / August
“Time for eating dog salmon”

 Si7iswayslhh / September
“Time for eating Coho salmon”
Lhlmulhim “The Potlatch Moon” (This is the ceremonial name of Si7iswayslh)

The Ceremonial Moons

 The following moons are associated with the supernatural canoe Nuakcnm, “Canoe that travels between the worlds”; bringing the ceremonial time of the year.

Siqalxm / October 
“The time for gathering fern roots”
Si-takans tsi Anulikutsayc (after the full moon, the second half of the moon phase)
“The coming of Anulikutsyac”

 Iscsilhh / November 
“The time for Kusyut dances”

 Siqwlxwayc ti syut / December
“The gathering of the supernatural”
Si7mt (winter solstices December 21st)