Witnessing the Race Pole carving of Wolf, Eagle and Hummingbird

Red Cedar pole 5’carved of a wolf eagle and hummingbird on the back of the eagle. This carving is based on a childhood story Gordon was told. Witnessing The Race As Young Eagle was boasting, the animals along the shore – Sea Otter, Raven, Crane, Hummingbird, Wolf, and Bear, among others, were listening and tolerating it. Young Eagle began to say, “if anyone wants to take me up on my challenge – “, but before he could even finish his sentence, Humming rid flew out and accepted the challenge. This made Young Eagle very frustrated. His feathers were ruffled and he was a little embarrassed. So he said to Hummingbird, “okay, you accepted my challenge to see who can fly the highest toward the stars before they decide to fly back.” Whoever flies back first must accept defeat. Young Eagle then said, “At first light tomorrow owning, at the beach, all animals from near and far, come witness such a poor choice that Hummingbird has made by accepting my challenge!” The next morning, everyone was gathered at the shore in anticipation of the race. Hummingbird wasn’t there yet. Young Eagle said, “Ha! Hummingbird came to his sensesand realized he cannot eat me!” Then, from out of no where, Hummingbird flew forward, and zipped side-to-side, and backwards, as Hummingbirds do, and said, “What are you waiting for Young Eagle? Are we gonna go?” Young Eagle thought to himself, “Okay, I am going to show this bird once and for all to never challenge me! I am going to focus on being strong and powerful from takeoff!’ Raven dropped his wing to signal the start of the race. As they began, Young Eagle took off mightily, with big broad, powerful strokes. Hummingbird buzzed his wings and shot toward Young Eagle. Hummingbird tucked himself between Young Eagle’s neck feathers as Young Eagle used all his power to fly high into the sky. Young Eagle was so frustrated and focused on proving Hummingbird wrong, that he didn’t even notice Hummingbird nestle into his neck feathers. Young Eagle was not looking side to side. He was focused straight up, and paid not mind to anything else going on. When he glanced down at the ground below, he saw all the animals watching along the shore. They looked like tinny species below. Young Eagle thought to himself, “ I can hardly see them, I can’t see Hummingbird because he’s so far behind!” When Young Eagle turned his head, Hummingbird came out from his neck feathers and flitted side to side. Hummingbird could see that Young Eagle was growing tired “Are you tired already?” he asked as he flew above Young Eagle’s head. Young Eagle had to turn back, and Hummingbird won the race. Young Eagle became more aware that many other animals are willing to do more if he can slow down and listen.

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