Raven Child


Acrylic on canvas 24×30” By Kelly Mack The painting depicts Raven and himself as human form. When raven brought light to man, he went into the creator’s home disguising him as a grain of dust, hoping to steal the sun. Hiding in a cup, hoping for the creator’s daughter to swallow him, she easily noticed and blew it away. He then changed into a hemlock needle, floating on the surface of liquid, but she lifted him away. Undiscouraged, Raven changed to mud from the springs and when she was thirsty for a drink of water, she gave raven the chance to enter her body. She eventually became pregnant, which was a big surprise to her and her father. When the baby was born, Raven in baby form, grew rapidly, and was soon crawling and screaming. Raven new of where his grandfather kept the sun and cried and cried until his grandfather had finally let him play with the ball of light. When raven seen his chance for a getaway, he escaped to earth and released the sun into the sky.

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