Kumugwe’ Mask


Kumugwe' mask carved from red cedar with cedar bark, twine, leather, brass nails and acrylic paint with copper pull for moving the jaw and copper teeth.12 1/2 high x 9 1/4 wide x 6 1/2″ deep. The story of the Kumugwe', under sea chief lives in a fabulous house made of copper planks and roof boards. He commands the lives of the significant sea creatures- whales, killer whales, sea lions, salmon and herring. Some of these are his servants and attend his every need, although they can, when appropriate, dissapear to their ancestral homes in the distant west. His visage is usually stern, with perhaps an air of benevolence. His name translates variously as Copper Maker or Wealthy, and he is indeed the source of copper for the mortal world, bestowing it and other powers upon those whom he favours. He travels about in a copper canoe which moves without any apparent means of propulsion.

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