Gordon Dick – Westerly Wind

Westerly wind spirit is a story that reminds us to respect and work with nature as there is always a remedy to the challenges in front of you. Carved out of red cedar and yellow cedar painted with acrylic. 81″ in diameter 13 5/8″ in depth. Scroll down for more information about the story.

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Uuhee (Westerly Wind Spirit)

Uuhee is a strong and powerful wind that blows constantly night and day, which makes living on the West Coast challenging, especially for those who could fly. So all the birds – Eagle, Raven, Seagull and many others – gather together to try and remedy this challenge. Eagle steps forward and says, “I am strong and wise and I will be able to convince Uuhee to stop blowing.” Everyone agrees. Flying to reach Uuhee, Eagle tires and is unsuccessful. Raven steps forward and says, “I will distract him with my bag of tricks and then convince him to stop blowing.” He flies off trying to reach Uuhee and tries from every angle, but all his tricks were blown away even the bag that held them. Raven was unsuccessful. He’s back with the other birds and looks around. Raven says, “Where is Seagull?” Just then Seagull appears from behind a large stone. Raven asks Seagull, “What are you doing?” Seagull replies, “I’m carving this plug.” With the plug in his mouth, he spread his wings and starts to glide toward Uuhee. He glides back-and-forth until he reaches Uuhee and takes the plug and pops it into Uuhee ‘s mouth. Then he says to Uuhee, “No need to blow constantly. Just remove the plug and gust once in a while.”