Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce Doors

On the left side of the door we see the Ancestor in prayer and cleansing. The Nuu-chah-nulth people prepared for a whale hunt mentally, spiritually, and physically long before it began. In the image we see that the Ancestor is in that process and is holding a wolf rattle to call in the favor of the Spirit World. Below the Ancestor, there is a Lightening Serpent in the tail of the whale. The story goes that the Thunderbird, who had the strength and power to hunt whales, would strike one with a Lightening Serpent to eat it. On the right side there is a depiction of one of the Teachers, who taught the First Nations people how to prepare and hunt for the winter. The Bear is a great Teacher because he would prepare for the winter by eating the richest part of the fish which is the belly, the roe, and the salmon head. By observing that behavior, the First Nations survived the cold and harsh winters. The fattiness of those parts was absorbed and maintained warmth in the body.

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