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Focus on the Balance

Material: Oak and stone

Description: This sculpture is a work of public art completed in 2013 as part of a 2-week carving symposium in the community of Horsten, Germany. 

From the Artist

Focus on Balance is an 18 foot long carved oak log balanced on a large stone. On the right is a northwest coast star symbolizing the four directions and the four seasons. The carving was made to remind us to focus on balance and pay attention to Mother Nature. "Everything is connected: The rain that falls, the trees that clean the air, the roots, soil and stones that filter the water. This carving just shows a small part of the cycle of all of mother nature's connection. The eggs as they are growing then mature into a salmon. We need to keep the balance so the cycle keeps moving. If the balance is interrupted too much it will cease to exist. The black on the left of the carving, shows a fossilized salmon. If we do not pay attention, that is all that will remain.

-Gordon Dick

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