Location:  RespirArt is the world's highest art park, located among the Latemar peaks of the Dolomite Mountains at 2000 m. RespirArt is open to public year round. In the summer, ‘green’ art greets hikers along a 3 km trail. While in winter, ‘white’ art can be seen from the chairlifts on the Agnello ski hill. Their vision is "letting go" works of art into nature so there are art installations along the mountain--in the green slopes of the summer and the white slopes of the winter.

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Everything is Connected

Material: Italian Mountain Cedar

Dimensions: Three pieces totaling 14’ wide x 6'5" high

Description: This sculpture is a work of public art completed in 2014 in RespirArt Green and White Gallery, Alpe di Pampeago, Italy. As the viewer walks through the 3 pieces, the perspective changes; the connection comes when the pieces line up as one.

The intent of the art piece is to remind everyone to slow down to stop and realize how we treat nature today. How we treat nature today will have an effect on future generations. The majority of people need to connect with nature and our food sources. The snow and the rain hit the trees, rocks and land which filter the water. This turns into the streams, rivers lakes and oceans. Water is used to grow our food; all life needs this for survival. Humans, land animals and sea life need clean water and air to survive. Everything is connected from the mountain top to the ocean. The westcoast shapes are made to allow the viewer to have their own interpretation. It implies mountains, water, rocks, a whale fin, an eagle head, raven’s head, or a sea turtles head. My piece in Italy connects First Nations art from British Columbia’s Northwest coast to all those who will experience it in Italy, and demonstrates the power of art to connect with people no matter what nation they are from.

-Gordon Dick

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