Art From a Long Tradition

We carry fine art handmade by coastal First Nations artists including woodcarvings and jewellery. No pieces are mass produced. The majority of the works are created in the Nuu-chah-nulth style, all using traditional carving tools and techniques.

Available Artwork

Appreciation of art is often led by emotion and feeling. Contact us if one of our works of art speaks to you, or if you are inspired to commission a custom piece. Art currently in progress can be claimed with a deposit. 

Detail of face of bronze moon mask showing eyes, nose and mouth
Woodcarved cougar mask, red cedar with black, brown and white painted elements.
Mask with whale tale in mouth,
Double fin seawolf woodcarving in red cedar
Red cedar woodcarving of coast salish style hawk sun mask
Base of totem pole, face of killer whale pointing towards to base. Painted in red and black.
Red cedar woodcarving detail of human form face and upper torso
Red cedar woodcarving closeup of killer whale head
Red cedar woodcarving detail of baby swan head and neck
Center of woodcarving, moon imagery.
Red cedar woodcarving of beachkeeper with 2 salmon and waves
Red cedar woodcarving of side view of human face with frog imagery. Pencil drawing on wood.
Red cedar woodcarving detail of baby swan head and neck
Red cedar woodcarving detail of lower portion of carving. Human face and lightning serpent.
Center of woodcarving, moon imagery.

Our collection of west coast jewellery changes as new items arrive. We carry pendants, bracelets/cuffs, earrings and rings in sterling silver and gold. Jewellery can be commissioned, contact us to arrange for a custom piece.

2 silver rectangular pendants
Silver cuff bracelet
Carved silver ring with wolf face imagery
Portfolio of Previous Work

These carvings represent the portfolio from Gordon Dick Studio and includes doors, poles, large-scale carvings and public art.

Closeup of woodcarving of face on sun mask with edge of painted corona.
Closeup of bronze mask face detail of thunderbird human transformation
Red cedar humpback whale panel in progress.
red cedar circular bas relief with seawolf face projecting form top center and ravens on either side
3/4 profile of bas relief mask detail showing face of woman. black painted hair, green paint on lower half of face.
detail of bas relief red cedar carving with a bear's face projecting from center, bear paws on either side, giving it a sense of emerging from the center. Salmon design on either side of bear and salmon egg below its face.
Detail of seawolf bas relief carving on yellow cedar paddle.
Side profile of frog mask with frog and human features. Green and black accent paint. Bronze articulating eyes. Red tongue connecting frog mouth to center of human face.
Detail of center of thunderbird bas relief showing its face in 3/4 view. One claw visible curled at its face. Art is shown in progress with pencil marks.
Red cedar sun mask with yellow cedar rim. Raven design on rim.
Yellow cedar kingfisher carving, encased in round shape.
circular bas relief woodcarving in red cedar of 2 eagles
Thumbnail of painted eagle detail on cedar door
thunderbird/human mask shown in 3.4 profile against black backdrop
Detail of central part of totem pole showing a woman holding a drum seated on a whale fin.
closeup of seagull head woodcarving projecting from yellow cedar wings. Blue and white accent paint.
Detail of carved whale design on yellow cedar door.
red cedar carvings of an eagle and raven facing each other. Red and white accent paint.
profile of a red cedar mask of a human face with cedar rope at its edge
circular mask with human and owl features. blue eyes and grey brows.
Carved mask of a face with the design of a thunderbird and human
bas relief yellow cedar carving of 3 salmon and a 4th salmon 3-dimensional projecting from the wall on a mount.
upper corner detail of westerly wind mask in red cedar showing the right eye area. Rim of yellow cedar with wind elements painted in blue and black.
Detail of wolf face on red cedar rattle. bentwood snout construction. Green and black accent paint.
Upper portion of red cedar sculpture showing eagle face with profile of moon on its right shoulder and herring fish at its chest.
Red cedar mask of a human face
cedar mask of a human face with thunderbird features with white accent paint
cedar door, unpainted, carved in relief with raven and eagle design
Upper right detail on king tide mask
detail of kingfisher design on yellow cedar paddle
detail of raven head sculptural carving in red cedar. Face is upright with beak pointed up. Abalone inlay on eye. Green and black accent paint.
Detail of eagle and whale imagery on carved yellow and red cedar door. Red and blue accent paint.
Portion of westerly wind mask carving done in red cedar with yellow rim. Rim has wind designs accented in white and blue paint. Art is shown in progress.